Convert Your Pool

Roxy Wolosenko in Pleasant Hill, CA on Houzz

First in Northern California Swimming Pool to Rain Tank Conversion 

Don’t fill that pool with dirt – convert it to rain harvesting!

Why let good water go to waste when you can reuse it for another purpose? With the advent of California’s ongoing drought, you can turn your water-costly pool into an underground water-saving reservoir!

Save water and money by using less municipal water for your landscape and avoid pool removal costs. 

Roxy Designs is currently installing a first-in-Northern California swimming-pool-to-rain-harvesting system using state-of-the-art modular rain tank technology. 

Stay tuned for more updates as the project unfolds!

To contact us for more information on how to convert your pool, click here.

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1 inch of rainfall on a 2,000 sq. ft. residential roof yields 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused.

The same roof in a region receiving 26” of annual rainfall generates 32,500 gallons of reusable water.

Between 30-70% of water used at home is used outdoors, depending on climate region.

An average household uses 66,175 gallons of water outdoors per year.

Switching to drip irrigation can reduce your water usage by up to 50%.

An underground rainwater tank allows you to collect thousands of gallons of water underneath a beautiful landscape.

The new proposed Drought Recovery & Resilience Act of 2015 would provide $2,000 in tax credits to households that install Rainwater Harvesting systems.

People have been harvesting rainwater for over 4,000 years.